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First phase of app development.

Mobile market is growing fast and brakeless, every day we see new applications been uploaded to markets and new startups raising
million of dollars.
But how does it works? Is is that easy? Of course not.
Many people affected by the mobile fever are looking for a way to gain their place into the market, but it isn’t that easy.
The first problem people generally do when they ask a professional a brand new app is that they have an idea but they don’t know
how to realize it, they want an app but they don’t know how.
The recipe for a successful application is made from 5% idea, 40% programming, 50% marketing and 5% luck! But let’s start from the basis.
Now you have an idea for a cool application, the first thing to do is find the best way to put it down, write every single detail of your
app and help the developer/designer to realize it.
Your app needs to be perfect before send it to the stores, and it can be perfect only if all the other things around it are, there some
big mistakes in the designing phase which could screw up your project before reach the MVP.
Some of that are:


Too many changes.
The first part of the project is the most important, bring your idea into reality can be really hard.
In an hypothetical situation everything should be decided from the beginning, every single pixel, every function and every button action,
but as developers we understand this is not possible since ideas can change and so does the applications.
But remember, more things you change during the development path more chances you have to get a bugged application, why this happens?
Developers are very smart, but take care of the code is very exhausting when things keep changing too often and introduce bugs is very easy even
for the smartest developer.
Also this keeps the developer working on the same thing for a long time causing him to loose interest, then more bugs!


Too many things together.
This is one of the biggest errors.
Nowadays there is a big competition in the mobile market, so people try to develop applications that do most complicate things than the others.
I think this is not the good way to follow, for me do simple things in a different way is much more important, so come up with an application
which does everything but in the end does nothing is not a good idea.


Too poor design.
Never forget your users are humans, so they like nice things.
A good application design is a key factor to make your app usable and nice looking, just remember that many times simple is better!


Too small budget.
Here we are! As you may know developers are workers, and they also need money to keep on with their lifes and so on.
Unfortunately a low budget sometimes brings developers to lose interest in the project especially if the customer constantly asks for
Try to start you project based on the budget you have. If you have a low budget keep the app simple, do less things well is much
better than do many things badly.


In the end your idea can be good or not, but this is the last that matters. Even when your idea is good it is hard to build a successful application. There are many things you have to care about, a nice and goo working application is only the first step.

Good luck!